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How To Get Used To Your New Same Day Dentures Quickly

June 1, 2019

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Whether you have got partial or complete dentures, it’s obvious that you will need some time to adjust with them and get used to them in your mouth. You may also experience some sore spots or mild discomfort for a few weeks till the time your mouth adjusts to the new dental appliance, says the denture dentist near you.

Let us have a look at some of the common issues that you may face during the first few weeks after getting the same day dentures.

Common Issues with New Dentures

  • Your Dentures Slip or Move in Your Mouth

You may experience that your dentures pop out of place from time to time. This commonly occurs when laughing, sneezing, or while coughing. You can fix the problem easily by gently biting down and swallowing as this will get the dentures back into the position.

  • Dentures Causing Pain or Irritation

It’s absolutely normal to feel some pain and discomfort when wearing same day dentures. It may take your mouth some time to adjust with new dentures but the pain and irritation may take few weeks to go away. During this phase, you can swish little bit of salt water for cleaning and relaxing the irritated areas. If the pain is severe and continues after a few weeks, it can be a sign that the dentures are not fitting properly. In that case, you need to see the dentist as soon as possible.

  • Difficulty in Speaking

You may notice difficulty in speaking because of the dentures slipping. But over the period of time you will how to speak confidently with minimal disruption from the dentures. Until then, you can try speaking slower than normal and practice words on your own.

  • Difficulty Eating

New dentures mean that you will need to be more careful while eating. You must avoid hard, sticky, and tough foods especially during first few weeks. Also, eating your food slowly can help. Make sure you have only soft and liquid foods for few days after getting your Pasadena dentures.

Tips for Eating with New Dentures

May 16, 2019

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Dentures are the teeth replacement also known as fake teeth. They are plastic made and molded in a way that they fit your mouth perfectly. It takes some time to get used to dentures and this time ranges from a few days to months. You need to make sure you do not chew too hard in order to damage your dentures or your mouth.

You will need to unlearn the way you used to eat earlier and learn a new way of eating due to the dentures. It is not at all tough. It is completely natural as your facial muscle are used to your original teeth and takes a little time in learning about the new ones.

Tips for Eating with New Dentures

Start eating slowly and make sure you choose softer foods in the beginning as they are easy to easy. But even before that, start with a liquid diet that includes foods such as puddings, cooked cereals, chopped boiled eggs, and soup broth.
Make sure you stay alert and attentive while eating hot stuff. You do not want to burn your mouth. Dentures are insulating. You would not know what temperature is your food. Do not hold liquid for too long in your mouth. It will result in a loose bottom denture.

Chew very slowly and efficiently before you swallow the food. Gulping down large pieces of unchewed food would choke you.

Eating After Healing

As soon as you are adjusted to these new dentures, you will be able to ear everything. Well, almost everything as there is always some food that sticks to your mouth or is difficult to eat even with natural teeth.

Yet, you should make sure that you are always careful about what you eat. You should attentively eat hard crust bread, red meat, peanut, and almond butter.

A Word from Very well

By following these tips you’d be able to completely get back to normal eating. Although even after a few months, you feel that you have any sort of pain. Do not hesitate to call your dentist at Town Square Dental. The professional staff is always ready to help you in any way they can.

Benefits of Having Professional Teeth Cleaning Near Me

May 1, 2019

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The importance of good dental health is known to all, but brushing and flossing alone doesn’t help. You also need to visit the dentist in Pasadena twice a year for professional teeth cleaning and examination for maintaining optimum oral health.

Let’s Have a Look at the Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleaning:

  • Your breath stays fresher
  • Professional teeth cleaning near TX 77506 will help in maintaining fresh breath as it removes the plaque and tartar which are responsible for dental hygiene issues. It also diagnoses underlying dental issues which can be treated for optimum dental health.

  • They help maintain your overall health
  • Your oral health impacts your overall health. The bacterial infection can travel to other parts of the body and put you at risk of heart diseases, kidney diseases, diabetes, etc. dental cleaning can help in preventing these diseases.

  • They prevent plaque build up and cavities
  • The dental cleaning removes the plaque and tartar from the teeth and gum line which prevents the risk of cavities.

  • Complex problems are prevented
  • Dental cleaning can help in preventing serious gum diseases, cavities, decay, and tooth loss in the long run.

  • They’re easier on your pocketbook

What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?

  • First step is a physical examination of your whole mouth. This is done with the help of a dental mirror which is used for checking the symptoms of inflamed gums and other issues.
  • The dental practitioner will then remove the plaque and tartar with the help of a scaler.
  • Teeth will be brushed with a powerful electric brush for removing tartar. The toothpaste with gritty consistency will be used for cleaning the teeth.
  • Professional flossing will help in removing the leftover plaque.
  • Rinsing with liquid fluoride will help in taking off any remaining debris.

Applying fluoride treatment

It’s the last step which helps in protecting the teeth and fighting cavities.

Regular dental cleaning is affordable and way cheaper than the restorative dental treatments which you may need if you skip dental cleaning sessions twice a year.

The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implant Surgery

April 25, 2019

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If you lost a few teeth because of getting involved in some kind of an accident and now you do not want to face the world with a toothless smile then don’t worry, dental implant is here for you. You could get artificial teeth which are as good as the original teeth. Artificial teeth do not even decay like original teeth do. Artificial teeth work like original teeth, you cannot even differentiate between the original and artificial ones.

Before you go with the procedure, following you would find steps on how to go through with the procedure. This would help you decide whether you should go for it or not.


When you go to the dentist for the dental implant, first of all, they take x-ray of the teeth and then find the gaps in between the teeth. After analyzing the gaps in between the dentist starts preparation for your treatment.

During Surgery

Now is the time for you to talk to the dentist about your concerns, if you have any. Most of the people get anxious during the procedure so the dentist makes sure to calm you down and that you are relaxed during the procedure.

As for implants, it is for all people- those who have missing teeth and for those who have infected teeth. If you have infected teeth then it is important to remove them or the infection (if possible) through cleaning. After removing the infected teeth, dentist may feel that they need to graft a bone for your gums (f gums do not have adequate space for the implant teeth). You may be bit anxious but you are in good hands of experts like Town Square Dental (TX). After this, the dentist leaves that part to heal until the next visit.

For implants, dentists first give local anesthesia and then cut your gums to check the bone. Now, if the bone is appropriate then the dentist drills into the mouth for metal implant. After that, the dentist tells you to give it some time(months) to heal but they provide you with temporary denture for your appearance.

Once it is fused with teeth then the dentist puts prosthetic tooth for implant. The next few weeks would be given for the infusion. For that time, temporary crown is fitted and after that permanent crown is given to you.


After the surgery you may feel pain for some time and hence, it is advisable to eat soft and cold food. It would be better if you get a diet plan from the dentist for the next few weeks.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Root Canal Treatment

April 1, 2019

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The American Association of Endodontists says that around 15.1 million root canal treatments are performed annually. However, some people are afraid of the procedures. But the fact is that there’s nothing to be scared about the procedure. In fact, not going for a root canal is putting your dental health in danger says the dentist near you. Here’s a look at what you need to know about the root canal treatment:

Relatively Painless

A root canal procedure is necessary for helping the patient get rid of pain due to irreversible condition. The pain may be happening because of pulpitis, broken teeth, or a tooth that is dying slowly. The aim of the root canal treatment is to repair and save your tooth, which is badly decayed and infected. The perception about root canal being painful may be coming from earlier times when the treatment methods were not so advanced says TX dentist.

However, today, most patients face no discomfort because of sedation and over-the-counter medicines post treatment. Root canal takes three sessions to complete where cleaning the root canal, filling the root canal, and adding a filling or a crown is performed in each session.

It’s Better to Save the Tooth

Your teeth are precious and they should be saved at any cost. When the dentist asks for a root canal treatment, it’s better to get the tooth treated instead of waiting for the decay to progress further and result in tooth loss or for tooth extraction. Extraction is the last option which is not ideal according to dentists. They try to save your natural teeth as much as possible. Root canal has high success rates and getting your ailing tooth treated, offers good appearance as well as great dental health.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

If you need a root canal treatment to be done, connect with your dentist as they will be able to discuss about the procedure and solve all your queries and anxiety about the treatment. You can explore a bit and choose the best dentist available in your city.

Can Dental Implants Get Cavities?

March 16, 2019

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When you go for dental implant for any sort of dental issues, individual have a fear that there implants will soon get decay and cavities. Dental implants may be an amazing solution for tooth decay but people fear that issues may further proceed. People think that even when they will spend a huge amount for implant, they do not have assurance to get natural looking implant results. Town Square Dental can help you in this.

When you eat or drink extra sugary food, some particle may get stick to the teeth. This when react with the mouth bacteria, it may cause acid and this can affect the enamel of the tooth. This is the actual cause of losing the mineral essential for maintaining healthy teeth. As the enamel get affected, cavity and decay may occur which can be corrected with implant. When better dental implant are to be obtained one may obtain better results by searching best dental implants near you.

People think that dental implant may get prone to cavities but this is not true because the implants are artificial tooth that cannot get prone to acid affect. As the implants are not dental tooth, they can survive for longer duration without any fear of decay. Dental implant at Town Square Dental is thus a nice dental treatment for dental issues. This is obvious that dental implants and dental filling makes to be permanent solution for dental issues. Even they do not get prone to dental issues but it is very important to make sure that proper cleaning is done so as to ensure better results. When dental cleaning and care is taken, dental implant may stay for decades.

Patients suffering from major dental issues may now select dental implant as the solution without any fear of cavities. Being an artificial tooth, they will not face any issue still patient must take proper care so as to avoid any sort of gum diseases. When you wish to obtain teeth whitening or dental implant treatment you must consult an expert dentist at Town Square Dental for better results.

Is Dentist Teeth Cleaning Necessary?

March 7, 2019

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As per dentists, people who brush at least twice a day and floss daily are less likely to get prone to dental issues. These habits can help you maintain your healthy smile but sometimes dental problem still exists and thus it is advised to go for Dentist Teeth Cleaning in fixed interval. Visit Town Square Dental Clinic for dental issues detection and its solutions.

Find dental disease before the problem exceeds

Prevention is always better than cure and early detection of dental issues can help get right treatment at right time. Expert dentists can easily detect the problem so that treatment can be suggested before the problem get worse. Professional Dental cleanings at Pasadena can help stay away from these issues.

Oral cancer screening

No one can detect the early sign of oral cancer thus oral screening must be a common exam which you can take at a dental cleaning. This will help you detect signs of oral cancer so that treatment can be started without any delay. You must go for oral screening at Best Dental care in Pasadena.

Removal of tartar

When sugar comes in contact with bacteria, it creates acid in your mouth. This may create plaque. With teeth cleaning at dental clinic plaque can be removed for maintaining healthy teeth like before.

Personalized treatments

Sometimes general dental treatment cannot cure the problem and in such cases, personalized dental treatments are suggested. With proper analysis, problem is detected and treatment is planned accordingly. Town Square Dental Clinic helps offer personalized dental treatment depending upon the dental issues the patient is facing.

Learn your options

If you have any dental issues, you may consult an expert to detect the problem and know the possible treatment which can help you. You may go for professional teeth cleaning and can ask a doctor for any dental queries.

Get the smile you deserve

Dentist at Town Square Dental Clinic can actually help get the smile you deserve. You must go for Dental cleanings near you in fixed interval to avoid any dental issues.

3 Factors That Could Affect the Success of a Root Canal Treatment

February 26, 2019

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Many people consider root canal is a very arduous process that almost never turns out to be a painless experience. An experienced dentist near you may tell otherwise.

If you have seen a root canal near you, you would know that root canals are surgical processes used to ensure that a decaying tooth does not affect the roots of the neighbouring teeth. It is important for cases where the infected tooth has been decaying for years and the patient has not done anything about it. Or when the tooth decay is so rapid, that the patient cannot do anything about it.

Hence, the success of the root canal treatment is the most important factor to eradicate such dental issue. But, what is the success of root canal dependent upon? Here are a few decisive factors:

  1. The dentist’s expertise.
  2. Yes, the dental education in all reputed educational institutions is standardized. But, there is always a component of learning which shows up only with experience. Expertise in itself, is nothing but a method of high level pattern recognition. Hence, how long the dentist has been working on root canals and what range of problems she has seen, would determine the success of your root canal in Pasadena.

  3. The severity of the dental problem.
  4. Dentists get well acquainted with the problem almost instantly as they diagnose it. That said, the very severity or complexity of the problem can also have an impact on the success of the root canal. The roots are unsensitised in order to make sure that the infection does not cross over. That said, if the dental problem is highly pertaining, it may not get solved that easily. Sometimes, it may take several sessions to get rid of the problem completely.

  5. The medications.
  6. Now, the medications and the drugs recommended are of optimal quality, usually. The effect gets subjective depending on whether the patient takes them up at the right time in the right direction as prescribed by the dental expert or not.


February 14, 2019

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It is everyone’s dream to flash pearly white smile which is free of cavities and infections. The root canal treatment helps in fighting decay and gives your tooth a new life. The Root canal in Pasadena is a common procedure which helps in restoring the health and function of teeth. However, the root canal alone can’t help in achieving flawless smile as you need whiter teeth for that envious smile. The teeth whitening treatment can help in achieving whiter teeth quite safely and quickly.

Here’s a Look at Benefits of Having Whiter Smile:

  • Having a white smile helps in improving your appearance and makes you confident enough to pose for photographs with wide open smile.
  • People with discolored and stained teeth often have a low self esteem. But having whiter teeth can return the lost confidence and they can face the world flaunting their pearly whites.
  • The whiter smile focuses the shift to your teeth and people hardly notice the wrinkles.
  • Teeth whitening improve your appearance without digging a deep hole in your pocket.
  • When you have whiter teeth it automatically makes your attractive when you flaunt your teeth while smiling. A flawless smile instantly makes you a head turner.
  • Having whiter teeth will make you more social and open instead of guarding yourself. You will be less conscious of your appearance and self-image.
  • When you have a whiter smile, you smile more often, greet people confidently, and look forward to socialize with new people which make you seem friendlier.
  • It is a misconception that teeth whitening damages your enamel or makes your teeth sensitive.
  • A whiter smile can help you strike a good first impression during interviews, presentations, and meetings.
  • A whiter smile can help in having a positive outlook towards life as you feel happy and confident with your improved appearance.

However, having just white teeth doesn’t make your smile beautiful; you also need to have healthy teeth free of cavities for which you may need Root canal in Pasadena, TX.

Tips for Finding the Right Dentist for You and Your Family

January 16, 2019

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Finding a dentist can be crucial. You and your dentist will be long-term oral health care partners; therefore, you should find someone you can be comfortable with. How do you go about finding the right dentist? Follow these tips:

Ask your friends and family: The best way to find a good dentist is to start in your own circle of friends and family. So ask them questions: Was the dentist kind? Is the dentist near me? Was the office clean? Was the staff friendly and professional? Did they offer payment options?

Consider credentials: Look at the doctor’s educational background — he will likely have his diplomas displayed.

Look beyond price:  Each mouth is different and will require different treatment approaches. You can ask for a range of prices, but remember that it’s worth it to pay a little more to find a dentist who will give you excellent care in an environment in which you feel comfortable.

Do they submit claims to all insurances?

If you want to see a dentist that comes highly recommended by a friend or family member but is out of your network, call the practice and ask if they submit claims to all insurance providers. Most do, so it is worth asking before eliminating this practice from your list.

What happens in the case of an emergency?

Does the practice you are considering have emergency hours or do they refer the care elsewhere?

Look at his website and reviews: A website is a great way to get an overview of the dentist and his philosophy. Search to see whether dentist near you is open today in 77571. Also look at her Google reviews and her Facebook page.

Consider your family dental needs:

You need to verify whether the dentist can treat adults and kids both. Also see if your kids are comfortable with the dentist you want to choose.

Office hours and place: See to it whether the dental office of the dentist is in Pasadena, TX. And ask for the office working hours as well.

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