Tooth Extractions – Pasadena, TX

Doing What’s Necessary for Your Smile

Whenever possible, we try our best to save your natural teeth. However, sometimes a tooth extraction is truly the best option to preserve your oral health and relieve any pain you may be experiencing. If we decide that your situation warrants a tooth extraction, we will do our utmost to handle the procedure with gentleness and compassion. We’ll also go over options for replacing your newly lost tooth to minimize the time you’ll spend with a gap in your smile.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Many people simply don’t have room in their mouths for their third molars, also known as wisdom teeth. These teeth might become stuck in the jawbone, also called impaction, increasing your risk of infection and tooth decay and even pushing your other teeth out of their proper alignment. Some patients opt to remove their wisdom teeth before they cause a problem as a precautionary measure. If your wisdom teeth are bothering you, be sure to contact us to schedule a consultation for a wisdom tooth extraction.

Multiple Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, when you’re dealing with excessive decay or trauma, several teeth may need to be removed at once. If this is the case with you, we’ll explain your procedure to you in great detail beforehand and discuss potential tooth replacement options. You may be a candidate for dentures or dental implants.

Multiple tooth extractions might also be recommended if your teeth are severely crowded or misaligned. Extracting some of your crowded teeth helps make room for orthodontic treatment so that your smile can maximize its potential. 

Extraction Site Preservation

More often than not, we suggest dental implants as the best way to replace a tooth after an extraction. However, sometimes your jawbone deteriorates after an extraction, affecting your ability to support an implant. This is why we often recommend extraction site preservation, a procedure wherein we use a grafting material to strengthen the jawbone so that it can maintain an implant.

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Post-Operative Care

After your extraction, we’ll give you detailed instructions on how to properly care for the site and prevent infection or injury to the area. We may suggest that you:

  • Firmly but gently bite down on a piece of gauze to cut down on bleeding and help a blood clot form at the extraction site.
  • Take at least a couple of days to rest, with no strenuous physical activity.
  • Eat soft foods. Avoid chewing on the side of the mouth that had the extraction.
  • Take your prescribed or over-the-counter painkillers as advised on the bottle.
  • Apply a cold compress to the area to reduce swelling and soreness.
  • Do not drink from a straw for at least 24 hours, as it could dislodge the blood clot and result in a painful condition called dry socket.
  • Stick to your normal dental hygiene habits, but do not brush the extraction site directly.
  • Call us if you have any questions or concerns about how to care for your extraction site.