Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Pasadena, TX

Ready to Address Any Dental Concerns

If you have questions about our dental office or the services we offer here, don’t worry – Dr. Nguyen and the rest of the team have plenty of answers to share in return! For your convenience, we’ve compiled answers to some frequently asked dentistry questions below, along with their answers. If you’ve read through this page and still couldn’t find the information you’re looking for, please contact us directly in Pasadena, TX to discuss it.

Do you see children?

Yes! Huy P. Nguyen, DDS of Pasadena is completely family-friendly, providing personalized, attentive care to all ages, from young children to great-grandparents. We understand how busy your schedule is and enjoy being able to offer this added convenience.

How often should I be coming in for checkups and cleanings?

In most cases, we recommend scheduling a routine examination every six months on average, or twice per calendar year. However, if there are outlying circumstances (such as a strong sensitivity to tooth decay or the presence of gum disease), Dr. Nguyen may recommend more frequent appointments that are scheduled 3-4 months apart so that he can help you maintain better oral health more diligently.

What’s the best way to replace missing teeth?

While there is no “perfect” solution for every single patient in need, we strongly recommend dental implants to most patients because of their unparalleled benefits. This state-of-the-art reconstructive solution faithfully replicates every part of the natural tooth, including the root beneath the gum line for exceptional durability and longevity. Better yet, the final result is virtually seamless when compared with a natural tooth.

If you’d like to explore whether dental implants are right for your smile, contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Do you see dental emergencies?

Absolutely! Dr. Nguyen goes above and beyond to accommodate emergency situations (such as damaged teeth or severe toothaches) in record time – in most cases, we can schedule an appointment on the same day as your call, whether you’re a reoccurring patient or brand new to Huy P. Nguyen, DDS of Pasadena.

Can you help me improve the way my smile looks?

Yes. Our lengthy menu of services features several options that are specifically designed to elevate the appearance of teeth and boost our patients’ self-confidence, including porcelain veneers, professional teeth whitening, gum recontouring, and more. We can work together to create a custom smile makeover plan that leaves you with dazzling results!